About us

We are a friendly group of SCUBA diving enthusiasts living in and around Bath. Our club is affiliated to BSAC - the British Sub-Aqua Club - which is one of the oldest and most respected diving certification bodies worldwide.

If you have ever wondered what it might be like to discover the fascinating underwater world around our coasts, we can help you to learn. Or if you are already a diver, maybe you've done a PADI course while on holiday, we'd love to have you dive with us, and if you want, to improve your skills and training level.

The club currently has around 60 members of mixed ages and qualifications. We are split fairly equally between men and women and we have a good age range with members in their 20s and upwards. In terms of experience we have members at all levels, so there will always be a suitable buddy to dive with.

The club meets every Wednesday evening at a local pub in Combe Down to plan activities for coming weekends. We aim to achieve a mix of social activities around, but not limited to diving, together with advancing our skills and helping others to enjoy underwater life.

Part of BSAC

We are part of BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) and there are a number of valuable benefits that you get with your membership:

  • monthly glossy magazine with a mass of interesting information about UK and overseas diving, skills, and club news. (A digital version is also avialable if you prefer to recieve it on your phone or tablet.)
  • public liability insurance that covers your diving activities within BSAC guidelines, protecting you against inadvertent damage caused
  • discount on products purchased through BSAC

You can find out more from the BSAC website (but you will need to register and get a password to access all areas).

A seal in kelp

BSAC publish a monthly magazine which comes delivered to your door as of your subscription.

Taste and see...

Don't worry if you have never been diving before, or that you'll have to commit yourself to cost or time before you know whether you are going to like it. The first step is to come to one of our 'try-dive' sessions on a Wednesday evening during our regular pool training slot.

The sessions last about an hour in a private swimming pool and are led by one of our qualified and experienced instructors. Read all about it on our Training page, where you can see many of the possibilities for getting certified as a scuba diver.

To find out when our next session will be, just get in touch.

Bath Diver speeds through the water

A try-dive gives you a taste of what it feels like to breathe underwater

Already a diver?

Lots of people are getting into diving with PADI, SSI or one of the other certification bodies. We'd really like to get to know you and for you to come diving with us.

We have a number of divers who have come this way and you are welcome to come on our trips and if you want to, convert to our certification and progress your training career with BSAC.

Our boat

We own a 6.3m rigid inflatable boat (RIB, sometimes loosely called a zodiac) which we normally berth at one of the south coast ports, ready for a weekend diving trip.

With a 130hp Honda motor, radio, depth-sounder and fully organised for coastal scuba operations, its an ideal way to get to a varied selection of dive sites that commercial operators do not serve, and to get the best out of our time on the water.

We encourage members to learn to drive the boat and if you are interested you can qualify as a BSAC boat handler or BSAC driver coxwain, and if you are qualified with another agency these may well be valid or you can do a crossover qualification.

Bath Diver speeds through the water

Bath Diver undergoing trials in Plymouth sound

We meet on Wednesdays every week in the Cross Keys pub, in Combe Down just to the south of Bath. It's a family-friendly pub with plenty of space and tables. Coffee and food are served and you can catch up with what other members have been up to - we are in the room on the right as you enter. We're there from about 9pm onwards. We also use the room for classroom training so if you see a group huddled round a powerpoint show, that's what it is.

We have a summer barbeque in one of the members gardens every year, and there is a holiday meal around the middle of December. 

Plus throughout the year you might get invitations to join others for a meal or drink in the centre of Bath.

Bath Diver speeds through the water

The Cross Keys is where we meet each week.